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You're on the safe side with us!

Since 2020, we additionally have provided our services for the detection of COVID-19 and new virus variants. As an officially recommended COVID-19 testing laboratory, we offer rapid and highly sensitive high-throughput PCR analysis for:

  • institutions
  • companies
  • sport clubs
  • Private individuals(via your Austrian insurance number in our partner pharmacies)

Covid PCR tests by Sinsoma

Officially recommended COVID testing facility by the BMfSGPK of Austria

100% success rate

ÖQUASTA Rundversuche

Highly sensitive & reliable

We were able to complete the cooperative tests conducted by The Austrian Association for Quality Assurance and Standardization of Medical and Diagnostic Tests (ÖQUASTA) with a success rate of 100 % and reliably detected even slightly positive samples.

valid until 31.03.2022

Proof of Corona variants

Always up to date! In addition to the detection of classical virus fragments via sensitive PCR tests, we also offer reliable and rapid detection of the most important virus variants.

As a preliminary examination within a few hours – or also for detailed clarification within a few days via sequencing.