Sinsoma GmbH



Sinsoma was founded in 2018 by Michael Traugott, Daniela Sint, Corinna Wallinger, Thomas Traugott and the Uni-Holding as a spin-off company of the University of Innsbruck. Sinsoma’s vision is to significantly contribute to a safe and sustainable world using innovative DNA and RNA applications.

With more than 20 years of experience in the development and application of molecular biological analyses, Sinsoma provides a broad, interdependent range of DNA / RNA services in the environmental and health sector.

Sinsoma sees itself as a one-stop shop for molecular environmental and health analysis and offers solutions that are individually tailored to the needs of customers – from project planning, analysis and evaluation to reporting and public relations.

We are here for you

Dr. Corinna Wallinger

Head of Sales & PR

Manages sales, customer service and public relations and is responsible for the staff. Specialty: Makes lemonade from all (problem) lemons

Rainer Fantur, MSc.

Sales & Product specialist

Product and Service Consulting. Speciality: Finds the best solution for your request.

Sara Rauch-Glatz

Office & Executive Assistant

Your first point of contact at the Sinsoma Office. Supports us energetically especially in the administrative area. Specialty: organizational genius with a big heart

Sabrina Schwarz

Purchase & Order

Is responsible for purchasing and shipping our sample kits and supports us in the administration together with Sara. Speciality: Keeps her good mood and has the overview even in turbulent times.

Administration and IT

Julia Braun, BSc.

IT Consulting

Responsible for the implementation of various projects in the field of IT. Speciality: single-mindedly pursues the solution of every IT problem, no matter how tricky. Moreover, she is a gifted violine playser.

Mag. Petra Schwaberl

Staff Accounting

Supports us in all areas of human resources. Speciality: Has a perfect grip on all relecant books.

Laboratory & Development

Christiane Zeisler, MSc.

HEad of Laboratory

Manages the Sinsoma lab together with Janine. Specialist in high throughput molecular analysis & assay optimization. Specialty: Provides the only results of the highest quality.

Janine Fingerlos

Head of Laboratory

Manages the Sinsoma lab together with Christiane. Specialist in implementing high-throughput laboratory analyses. Speciality: Keeps her nerve even in the biggest sample rush.

Dr. Karin Wastian


Specialist in the development and application of highly sensitive molecular detection systems. Specialty: Makes the invisible visible.

Julia Wagner, MSc.


Bioinformatics analysis of HTS datasets and development of bioinformatics pipelines. Specialty: Loves to extract the essentials from mountains of data.

Anna Mutti, MSc.

NGS Specialist

Specialist for DNA analysis in the field of metabarcoding. Speciality: Always has the big picture in mind and yet no detail escapes her.

Anja Ekblad, BSc.

Senior Laboratory Analyst

Specialist in DNA & RNA analytics detection systems. Specialty: Finds even single molecules with her sensitivity.

Caroline Strutzmann, MSc.

DNA Analytics

Caro produces high-quality results in no time at all - whether with qPCR or other methods. Speciality: always a smile on her lips - no matter how high the stakes.

Executive Board

Dr. Michael Traugott


Managing Director of Sinsoma, Professor of Applied Zoology at the University of Innsbruck. Speciality: Always finds a solution.

MMag. Thomas Traugott


Manages IT, finance and accounting. Specialty: Customized IT solutions for the best service.