Sinsoma GmbH

Bulk-sample metabarcoding

Molecular determination of the species spectrum of composite samples

DNA metabarcoding enables us to detect the species diversity of mixed and bulk samples. Two technologies are combined: high-throughput DNA sequencing (NGS, HTS) and species identification based on DNA barcodes using specialized bioinformatics analyses.

A bulk sample (e.g., kicknet or malaise trap sample) serves as the starting material.
DNA of all organisms in the sample is extracted.
A specific gene segment is amplified using probes developed by us.
The DNA sequences of these gene segments are read separately for each species, analyzed and compared with reference databases to identify the species composition in your sample.
You will receive
an overview of the methodological approach used.
Information about the organism spectrum found in your sample including the number of sequences per species and their determination accuracy.
In addition, our specialists are available for consultation both during and after completion of the analyses.