Sinsoma GmbH

Trophic analyses

Using DNA analysis, we determine feeding relationships between animals, livestock and plants but also relationships between parasites/parasitoids and their hosts.

We reliably determine the food spectrum of a predator or herbivore using DNA extracts from feces, regurgitates, pellets and other food samples. Therefore, we are also able to empirically demonstrate feeding relationships that are difficult to observe or track. Our 25 years of experience range from food analysis of ground insects to blue whales.

Since the selection of the appropriate methodological approach depends on your problem, we will be happy to advise you in order to offer the best solution for you.

Special courses for trophic analysis

For all those who want to learn more about how to analyze food samples via molecular biology and what they should pay attention to specifically, we offer the MATI and MOTI courses in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck. Find out more: > MATI & MOTI courses